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Our Story

The idea for Garden Spot of Mandeville began decades ago when Judy King started growing ferns in greenhouses on her property, in Bush, Louisiana. Ferns take a while to grow to a size in which they are sellable and so Tommy, King’s husband, started growing vegetables to sell since they are faster and smaller. It was at this time he realized the potential of growing annuals and perennials and selling them to friends.


Word began to spread and people from all over started coming to the greenhouses in search of beautiful plants. They eventually had the idea to open The Garden Spot of Franklinton, an outdoor store created to sell locally grown, quality plants. The store became very popular, enticing people from all over and so the King’s decided to open a store in Mandeville to reach a larger audience.


Thus Garden Spot of Mandeville was born and today both locations are run by Tommy and Judy’s daughter, Sandy, and her husband Tony. Just as they started, annuals and perennials are still grown at the local greenhouses and both locations continue to serve their communities well with high quality, locally grown plant materials and expert customer service. 

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