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LA Super Plants

The Louisiana Super Plant is a program of the LSU Agriculture Center that highlights tough and beautiful plants that perform well in Louisiana landscapes. These plants have a proven track record having gone through several years of university evaluations and observations. To learn more about LA Super Plants visit their website

Below is a list of current LA Super Plants. While GSOM is proud to carry some of the LA Super Plants, we do not carry all of the plants listed below. This page is to serve as a reference to help you on your journey of planting the perfect garden!

Pro tip: You can identify LA Super Plants at GSOM by looking for the LA Super Plant logo on our bench cards or by asking one of our staff! 

LA Super Plants.png
2021 super plants-03.jpg
2021 super plants-02.jpg

Warm Season Bedding Plants


2021 super plants-01.jpg
2021 super plants-04.jpg

Cool Season Bedding Plants